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Music License Summary

All music distributed by Gene Michael Productions Inc. is either owned or legally licensed by Gene Michael Productions hereafter referred to as "GMP". GMP warrants that it is the holder of the copyright of the music or that it has full power and authority to enter into this agreement.
This music is protected by U.S. Federal Copyright Laws.

GMP Music Library

STANDARD ONLINE PURCHASE - “BUY OUT” : The online purchase of a GMP MUSIC track allows unlimited usage ( synchronization ) for a single production site. This license ( music ) may not be shared, sold, transferred or given away in any form. All other standard licensing applies.


Performance Royalties are collected by many different Performance Royalty Associations, ( PRA or PRO ) ASCAP, BMI, SECAC, SOCAN etc. Direct Licenses ( DPL ) where needed.

Reserve Music

NEEDLEDROP ONLINE PURCHASE : BASED UPON CALCULATED USAGE ( built into the “buy system” : The online purchase of a RESERVE / LIMITED MUSIC track allows for a SINGLE use ( synchronization ) for a single production site unless written permission is given for multiple uses. This license ( music ) may not be shared, sold, transferred or given away in any form.

Web Lease Licensing

Unlimited usage ( synchronization ) within the time limitations of the agreement. All other standard licensing applies.

Blanket Licensing

Unlimited usage ( synchronization ) within the limitation of the production or episodic agreement. All other standard licensing applies.

Standard License Overview

The licensee may use this music in synchronization with video, picture, film, graphic or voice as an element of any broadcast or non-broadcast production, including internet (i.e.YouTube - including commercial rights, Vimeo, etc.), multimedia presentations and trade shows with the following limitations:
  1. Feature Film Theatrical Releases, Feature Film Advertising (Film Trailers, Teasers ), National Network TV Trailers, Teasers, Nationwide TV and Radio Advertising, National Network TV programming, electronic games and computer applications for any known and yet unknown devices ( including iPhones, smart phones, iPods, iPads etc. ) may be subject to additional licensing fees and require request for quotation prior to placement.
  2. Duplication or distribution of GMP music by itself as GMP Music Library or under any other name will violate applicable copyright laws and is subject to federal prosecution. It is the sole right of Gene Michael Productions to distribute this music in the form of library production music.
  3. Licensee must obtain written permission and special license if Licensee intends to repackage, reproduce or resell the music and make the music available as a soundtrack or any other recorded media.
  4. The GMP Music Library may not be sold as a part of or bundled with any electronic media communication system ( i.e. desktop video production system/software, or multi-media production system/software) without expressed written permission.
  5. GMP music may be used on the internet as an element of production. Re-distribution of GMP music over the internet is strictly prohibited. YOUTUBE presentation is included but may require you to prove you have a valid license. Email the URL address of the youtube video location to us and we can “allow-list “ it. Email to : Request allow-listing. Include the video / channel URL.
  6. A signed license agreement will be issued upon receipt of payment in full. If the Licensee violates the terms of this agreement, this license is immediately revoked. Thereafter, any use will constitute an infringement of the copyrights of Gene Michael Productions and is punishable by U.S. Federal Copyright laws.
  7. The Licensee agrees to indemnify and hold GMP, its owners, agents, distributors, and employees free and harmless from any claims, suits, damages or liabilities that might be incurred by reason of Licensee's breach or claim of this license or any agreement between Licensee and any third party. The total liability of GMP under each license is limited in any event to that part of the consideration paid to GMP by the licensee.
  8. Credits will be given to Gene Michael Productions (BMI) or Very Big Tree Music (ASCAP), whichever is applicable based upon the music used, when other credits appear and where deemed suitable.
  9. Any use of GMP music constitutes full and complete acceptance of this agreement.
  10. The terms of this agreement shall be governed by the State of Michigan. Any action shall be filed within the jurisdiction of Berrien County, United Sates of America.
  11. When the music is performed over broadcast channels of any kind, the performance rights are granted by BMI or ASCAP. Please indicate : “Music By: Gene Michael Productions, BMI, or Very Big Tree Music, ASCAP”, whichever is applicable, on your productions so that performance rights organization affiliated broadcasters can file accurate cue sheets with BMI or ASCAP. Affiliated broadcasters send or fax a copy of your cue sheet directly to GMP at above address. GMP will supply you with cue sheets if needed.
  12. When the music is presented in and of itself in a public performance casual listening environment for the general public (i.e. On Hold systems, restaurants, offices, hotels) or as part of a background music service, performance is granted by BMI. DPL, Direct Performance License may be granted with or with remuneration.
  13. This music may not be used on illegal, immoral or pornographic productions in accordance with the laws of the United States of America.
  14. This license is binding on the Licensee and GMP and their respective assigns and successors. No modification, alteration or addendum of this license shall be binding unless in writing and signed by both parties.
  15. The term of this license : In perpetuity. ( Forever ).